Vairamuthu Muppathu Aandu Muthukkal

Vairamuthu brings out Muppathu Aandu Muthukkal

Vairamuthu Muppathu Aandu Muthukkal

Count on lyricist Vairamuthu for doing the unthinkable in the mildest of ways. However sincere he might in ensuring not to attract others’ attention, he always manages just the same. The lastet reference is to the new CD brought out by him which has a rare collection of 30 songs penned at various times in the span of last three decades, the time spent by the lyricist in Tamil films.

Titled Muppathu Aandu Muthukkal (Pearls of Thirty Years), the CD contains some highly popular songs penned by the lyricist in Tamil films. It contains as many as 200 songs with Vairamuthu giving a nice introduction prior to each song in his inimitable voice, explaining the backdrop in which that particular song was conceived. The veteran lyricist has sent a copy of the CD to many of close friends.

A note signed by him and sent along with the CD to his friends says that “You are one of the persons loved most by me. I request you to listen to all the 200 songs fully: it can be in the night while going to sleep or while travelling along the highway. The song would surely make you lose your sleep and gives the vintage feeling of a poem.

“Whenever you listen to the songs, assume that I’m with ou and at a place near you. Nothing gives me a satisfactory feeling than writing a song, says Vairamuthu. Queries revealed that the CD had the collection of audio-visual seaquences taken from a programme while the lyricist was taking part in a private FM channel.


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