Vadivelus farm house attacked by miscreants


Ace comedian Vadivelu’s farm-house on the suburbs of Chennai came under attack from some ‘unidentified persons’. The window panes and other furniture kept in the farm-house were reportedly damaged in the attack.

Vadivelu’s life has been nothing short of miserable for the pat 3-4 days, ever since the election results gave a huge mandate and an unprecedented victory to the AIADMK and its allies in the last month’s Assembly Elections. Vadivelu, who actively campaigned for DMK, took to task DMDK’s Vijayakanth (part of AIADMK’s victorious alliance) and launched a scathing personal attack on him.

The comments and remarks by Vadivelu were left un-retaliated by the DMDK men and volunteers who were restrained by Vijayakanth as the election process wasn’t completed. Now that the results are out and DMDK has become the second largest party in the Assembly, the volunteers are now baying for the comedian’s blood for all the tirade he had launched earlier.

The farm-house, situated in Pushpagiri locality in Padappai off Chennai, was under the control of a solitary watchman Velu. A group of around 30 persons forcefully entered the farm-house and enquired Velu as to where Vadivelu was staying and demanded him to give them the cell-phone number of Vadivelu. When Velu refused to do so, the group then smashed all the six window panes besides breaking the flower-vases that were kept as decorative pieces.

The group is said to have told the watchman to ‘vacate’ the place by coming Saturday of face ‘dire consequences’. Afterwards, Velu lodged a complaint with the Manimangalam Police station about the incident.


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