Vadivelu:I’ve been cheated due to lack of education

Vadivelu on cheating case

Comedian Vadivelu has hit back at the reports saying that he had ‘absconded’ while the police were looking for him in connection with a complaint filed by Pazhaniappan, a retired bank manager. In his complaint to the Suburban Police Commissioner, Pazhani had stated that the land he had purchased for Rs.20 lakhs in Irumbuliyur locality has been sold to Vadivelu by actor Singamuthu by way of ‘forged documents’.

It was reported in the press yesterday that the police were interrogating Singamuthu and that Vadivelu’s whereabouts remained unknown. “I haven’t gone underground. I would either be in Chennai or in Madurai; I’m not a criminal who is hunted by the cops. It’s me who has been affected in some land deals and I haven’t cheated anyone.

“In the instant case, I purchased the land in 2002 whereas Pazhani came to me in 2009 to claim that he had ‘purchased’ it in 2006. I was shocked to say the least. I don’t understand how he could do so when the EC was in my name. I have filed a separate case about the missing of ‘original documents’. The people known who sold the land to me.

“Pazhani had told me in the past that he’d withdraw the case if I paid him Re.1 crore. I didn’t agree to do so. I have purchased the property through my hard-earned money after making kids, women, elderly people and the youths laugh whole-heartedly through my comedy sequences in films. Why should I indulge in fraudulent land deals? I’m the affected party who has been cheated, probably due to my lack of education.

“I have been cheated by the person who did everything possible to convince me. I shall meet the charges in the court; I’m very much here and am not avoiding the Police,” concluded Vadivelu.



  1. Aravind

    ellam unna vachu nalla comdey panitnga…..poi antha pendu master alagiri paru..avan kanomu madurai poster adichutanga…

  2. Chinna R

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