Vadivelu Imsai Arasan Part II

Vadivelu returns with Imsai Arasan 23-m Pulikesi Part II

Vadivelu Imsai Arasan Part II

Ace comedian Vadivelu has been facing an ‘unofficial boycott’ of the entire Tamil film industry for the past year now. The comedian campaigned extensively for the erstwhile ruling party (DMK) in last April’s Assembly elections and was shocked out of his wits when the party was virtually routed when the results were announced.

The results made Amma the new chief ministers of the state with an unprecedented majority in the Assembly. Ever since Amma took over, producers and directors started cold-shouldering Vadivelu and didn’t sign him up in their films so as not to antagonize the new regime in the State. On his part, Vadivelu put up a brave face and said that he was only on a ‘self-imposed’ hiatus from films. After much discussions and dilly-dallying, it now appears that he has managed to convince Simbudevan to direct a new film with him playing the lead role.

Simbudevan, who made the successful Imsai Arasan 23-m Pulikesi with Vadivelu playing dual roles a few years back, is said to be contemplating making a sequel to the film. It’s this film that Vadivelu has been targeting as his ‘comeback’ film. Thanks to Vadivelu’s prolonged absence for more than an year now, Santhanam has taken strong roots in the industry and has become the most sought-after comedian in Kollywood at present.

Vadivelu has confirmed that the story discussion is taking place. “I’m aware that I have taken a long hiatus from films which robbed me of the opportunity to star in many films. I didn’t regret it as I have been in films for more than two decades now. All these years, I had no time to spend with my family which I did during the past 12 months and am thankful to God for giving me such an opportunity.

“I have decided that I have had enough rest and that it’s time to get back to films. I have been listening to many stories out of which I liked the script narrated by Simbudevan very much. Very soon, I shall make an announcement about my next film,” says Vadivelu who is said to have made use of the year-long break to learn how to use the Internet and how to browse through various web-sites.


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