Vadivelu Receives Bomb Threat

Vadivelu gets bomb threat

Police have tighten up the security to Vadivelu, a star campaigner for the ruling DMK following the threat phone calls received by the actor’s manager to plant bombs in the house and vehicle of Vadivelu who is campaigning for the DMK-led alliance candidates in the ensuing Assembly elections.

T. Muthiah, manager of actor Vadivelu, who received a threat on his mobile phone on Sunday lodged a complaint with the DGP and Chennai city police commissioner claiming that he had received calls threatening the actor. He said that the caller warned of dire consequences if Vadivelu continued his election campaign.

“Actor Vadivelu has been campaigning for DMk from April 1st vigorously. In this situation, I got a threat phone call from the number 97891 34192. The person said that the van Vadivelu uses for campaigning would be blown up using a bomb and petrol bombs will be hurled at his office in Saligramam,” Muthiah added.

The police reportedly traced the calls to Coimbatore. Based on the alert, the Coimbatore Rural Police on Sunday have arrested two AIADMK activists Amul Kandasamy (45) of Koundampalayam and Karuppasamy (34) of Sanganur in Coimbatore district for allegedly behind the threat to the actor. The duo are being taken to Chennai for further investigations

Meanwhile, Vadivelu called on Tamil Nadu Chief Minister and DMK president M Karunanidhi at Chidambaram during campaigning on Sunday and and broached the subject to him.

It may be recalled that a youth, believed to be a DMDK activist, was taken into custody by the police after he hurled footwear at comedian and DMK’s star campaigner Vadivelu at a meeting at Thiruvanaikovil on Thursday.

Click here for Vijayakanth fan hurled footwear at Vadivelu Video

Vadivelu was on Thursday forced to wind up his campaign, after two chappals were thrown at him allegedly by the DMDK man. The chappals were thrown after Vadivelu allegedly made some abusive remarks against Vijayakanth.



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