Vadivelu on Rana:Ranavavadhu Kanavavadhu

Vadivelu Meets Karunanidhi

This year seems like a rather bad time for ace comedian Vadivelu who is said to have lost great filmy offers including Superstar’s Rana. Vadivelu, who was the leading comedian in Tamil film industry, did a high decibel campaigning for the DMK-led alliance in the assembly election held on April 14.

His mimicking of actor-cum-DMDK leader Vijayakanth, considered to be a rival due to some tiff as colleagues in Tamil cinema industry, had been his main focus which seems to give the crowd a hearty laugh.

There was wide speculation that Vadivelu would be chosen to take care of the comedy in Rajini’s upcoming mega budget movie ‘Rana’. However Rajini who’s dissatisfied with the comedian’s personal attack against a co-actor said strict no to Vadivelu and has suggested Ganja Karuppu for the role.

Mean while, Vadivelu recently met the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M Karunanidhi soon after coming to know that the exit polls aired on a private television channel favored the DMK. Addressing the press persons after meeting the CM, Vadivelu said that he is sure the DMK will win 200 seats and come back to power again.

When the media persons wanted to know why he was not selected for Rajinikanth’s Rana, Vadivelu replied “Ranavavadhu… Kanavavadhu… I don’t care”. He added that he doesn’t care if he is getting opportunities to act in films or not.

“The scenes will change after May 13. Wait and See“, he said with smile.



  1. erimalai

    he’ll kiss jaya’s feet after may 13th…this is common by actors …remember what manorama did….BS

  2. r

    ada koothadina apdi ipdi iruka dhan seivanga… idhe vadivel amma ammanu pesna kaalamelam iruku., aana ivanlam arasiyal panra alavuku vandhadha nenacha dhan kashtama iruku., sakkili punda

  3. heres to hoping

    stop supporting these kinds of people to run a wonderful state like TN. when will people open their eyes and support educated and respected people to run a state government.  these people have no experience and no formal education, are the most corrupt individuals and time and time in again are elected to govern.  

  4. m

    vadivelu supported Karuna  because he helped when Vijaykanth’s gundas attacked his house. I do not see anything wrong with it. Unlike Rajini went to everyone of Karuna’s function and flattered him and then he voted for JJ and bad mouthed about Karuna’s government on the election day. Vadivelu is better in this regard.

  5. Blah

    dei dei! dont u dare talk about thalaivar! he was invited to all those functions. Why do you think ur beloved sotta thala karunanithi does that? to get his fans vote! and voting for JJ was Rajni’s right u idiot! he can vote for whoever he wants to and no one can do or say a goddamn thing about it. remember your karuna koothi won in 1996 majorly because of Rajni’s pro DMK campaing. and Rajni did that open campaigining just because Moopanar (former DMK ally) was rajni’s close friend. Once Moopanar died Rajni strated to stay aloof of Politics. Know the history first. Rajni was and has always been a gentleman. I have a question even after knowing Rajni voted for JJ and calling him a ‘back stabber’ why the fuck did Karunakoothi visited Rajni when he was hospitalized? All political motives. 

  6. KK

    Ketta Kaalam porakkudu… Ketta Kaalam porakkudu… kudu kudu kudu pye… nalla irunda kalam poyi ippo naasam aga pora kalam odi varuthu.. odi varuthu…

  7. m

    Why the fuck u calling karuna as mine. I dont take sides with Karuna or any political leader for that matter. Oh so he was invited and forced to flatter him haan? If he does not like Karuna and his government why the hell he would go even if he was invited and flatter him???? Hypocrite. If he is ur thalaivar, keep that with u. I have all the rights to talk about any one I want u ass hole. U dont own the internet you dick.

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