Vadivelu is a big zero in politics, says Vindhya


Close on the heels of Vadivelu’s scathing attack on Vijayakanth and his style of politics, actress Vindhya has hit back at the ace comedian saying that the comedian better stop his ‘loudmouthing’ style as he would soon prove to be a ‘big zero’ in politics.

Actress Vindhya has been campaigning actively in support of the AIADMK alliance in the city and elsewhere. Taking strong objection to Vadivelu’s ‘unparliamentary’ language in abusing Vijayakanth, Vindhya described Vadivelu as a ‘comedy piece’ and said that due to his presence, the DMK also appears to be a ‘comedy piece’ in the world of politics.

“I don’t know how much he (Vadivelu) is being paid….but one thing is for sure: he sure overshoots his mouth to honour the money he’s been paid. He is simply blabbering when he says that he would ‘finish off’ Vijayakanth. There can’t be a more funny thing than this statement of him.

“Vijayakanth has aligned with ‘Amma’ for the welfare of the people. People are quite familiar and know how powerful Vijayakanth’s ‘back kick’ and ‘fist punches’ would be; Vadivelu, who usually gets beaten up in films in the name of ‘comedy’, might just get in real life too if he keeps on talking in the same manner,” said Vindhya to a thunderous applauds from the crowds.



  1. முனியாண்டி

    சும்மா கும்முன்னு இருக்கு பிகரு

  2. jo

    enda ungaluku enda ponna parthalum ippadi than thonuma en un ammavum ponnu than unga ammava parthu ippadi comment pannuviya rascal

  3. fixer

    entha ponna parthalum ipdi thonathu..aaana ‘I LOVE YOU TEACHER’ padathula nadicha intha ponna partha appadi thaaan thonum….

  4. unmai

    try to understand some kind of jokes…does she is equal to a normal lady…namma nattila ammanga enna ippidiya thiriyranga..

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