Vadivelu Campaigning for DMK Videos

Vadivelu Campaigning for DMK
Vadivelu Campaigning for DMK

Peals of laughter resonated around many constituencies in Tamil Nadu  here as comedian Vadivelu campaigned in his indomitable humorous style in support of the DMK alliance candidates.

Turning the heat on film actor and DMDK leader Vijayakanth, Mr.Vadivelu appealed to people not to be carried away by his image as a good samaritan in films. “He is trying to hijack MGR’s image but he can never become MGR,” he pointed out.

He questioned the logic of AIADMK, founded by MGR, having an alliance with the DMDK, whose leader calls himself ‘Black MGR, he said belting out some of the popular MGR film songs to drive home his point.

The actor has been scripting his own dialogues for the campaign. The punchlines — funny or offensive depending upon which side of the political fence you’re sitting on — have become a campaign talking point. Neeya Captain? Dhonithan Captain. Captain Dhoni. Nee Chani. — (You the captain? Dhoni’s the captain, you’re just dung) — Mr. Vadivelu was seen ridiculing Vijayakanth after India won the cricket World Cup. (Vijayakanth was the hero of the film Captain Prabhakaran, and the word Captain became an honorific like Puratchi Thalivar for MGR and Kalaignar for Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi).

Vadivelu also took potshots at Vijayakanth saying: Thanniyil Pora kappalukku captain. Thanni Adikiravan Captaina. (A ship can have a captain, but the man who drinks?, a play on the Tamil word thanni, which stands for both water and liquor).

Vadivelu Campaigning for DMK Videos



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