Vadivelu blasts Vijayakanth at Thiruvarur Meeting Video

vadivelu thiruvarur speech

Comedians are usually the perfect foil to the action star’s brusque, macho act — either as sidekick or fallguy. But the ace comedian Vadivelu blasted the actor-turned-politician Vijayakanth in the public DMK compaign meeting held at Thiruvarur. He criticized Vijayakanth as drunkard, mentally disabled and was in full swing to slam Vijayakanth by uttering harsh comments on him.

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M Karunanidhi on Wednesday launched the first election campaign at his birth place Thiruvarur in Tamil Nadu. As it was announced that Vadivelu will speak at the Thirivarur meeting, it was anticipated that Vadivelu would target Vijayakanth this time more so because of his tiff with the DMDK’s founder Vijayakanth since 2009.

When Vadivelu was called to address the public meeting, the entire audience burst into applause. However, the same applause was missing, when Karunanidhi delivered his speech.

As expected, Vadivelu wasted no time in attacking Vijayakanth’s attitude of becoming Tamil Nadu CM. During the entire speech he used abusive words against Vijayakanth, but he never uttered any single word against Jayalalitha.

Vadivelu blasts Vijayakanth at Thiruvarur Meeting Video

Though PMK leader Ramadoss was not encouraging Vadivelu’s speech, the rest of the DMK Cadres, especially MK Azhagiri and Dhayanidhi Maran were enjoying Vadivelu’s blast against Vijayakanth.

A brief summary of Vadivelu’s speech, “CM Karunanidhi has announced many freebies like free laptops for students and free bus ride in government as well as private bus routes. He has announced the help of Rs. 10, 000 for pregnant women. I could earn only after my 25 years, but now the fetal itself can earn 1000 per month.

CM post is not a musical chair. You (Vijayakanth) launched your party just because a small portion of your marriage hall was demolished. I am challenging you !!!! if you are the CM, I will be the PM…. If you are the PM, I will be the President… If you are the president, I am OBAMA. Many asked me, would you contest against Vijayakanth. If I contest against Vijayakanth it’s a great shame for me only. My only aim is to sweep out Vijayakanth’s whole team and to campaign vigorously for DMK’s victory.

Don’t you feel shame to claim yourself as ‘Black MGR’? If you are the Black MGR, then I will have to claim myself as Black Nehru. Would Sonia Gandhi agree if I claim myself as Black Nehru? The same applies for you too.

Annan Azhagiri and Stalin are like Lion cubs of Ayya. If the CM wins again, he will keep up his promise and will do more than promised.”

It may be worth mentioning here that Vadivelu didn’t utter any word against other ADMK led alliance parties and ADMK Supremo Jayalalitha.

The DMK chief Karunanidhi’s speech was not impressive and various mediapersons, especially from north India, who were there to cover the campaign rally, were left wondering ‘why Karunanidhi couldn’t get applauded for his freebies when a comedian got it so easily.’



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  2. syed

    unga cm kae problem varum bothu aiyiyo kapathunga nu nilamai nalaiku vadivel sir ku problem varum pothu ungaluku yar garenty ? yenga captiana pathi pesa ungaluku urimai ilai . do your won work . nadichathu pothum come soon admk ipo vadivel vote potathe admk ku than .

  3. Catmouse

    What is the big deal in drinking?? repeatedy people criticise drinking as if its some kind of big evil. Then lets stop every other entertainment like movies, sex etc…we will all become like Saudi Arabia where you ahhve to pray 10 times a day and do nothgin else.

    Any thing is bad only if it goes in excess…people shold mind their own business. Vadivelu is going to get his ass kicked after May 13th…just wait and watch.

    So are all non drinkers saints??

  4. James

    Hi Vadduvellu,
    What happened after the election? You were behind karunanithi’s ass
    Now go and his their ass rest of your life. It was total failure for Karunanithi.You should have watched your mouth before talk about others. I feel sorry for you buddy because you are not well come in movie industry. I was your fan when you were playing movies. But you are a nasty dog now. I am a sri lankan tamil DMK was one of the reason for all the killing in sri lanka. Not the party, your leaded was playing a game with us. If he had thought about us back in 2009,he would have saved those people atleast. Your leader was living ONLY for his family. There was a leader for us to raise his voice for tamils even though he wasn’t tamil.The one and only Golden hearted MGR. It is shame for DMK leader who is tamil. Now he is invadid. I am not a suppoter of TAMIL TIGERS . I support non violence. it was too bad DMK leader was kissing Congress ass to stay in power. But God made a judgement enough is enough.(iam a tamil canadian and i have the right to speak about how i feel for those who were killed in 2009 civil war.)

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