Vadivelu as Umbrella in Sura

Vijay and Vadivelu had acted together in many films in the past, with ‘Vaseegara’, ‘Sachin’, ‘Pokkiri’ and ‘Bhagavathi’ being the memorable ones. Likewise, the comedian shares a very good rapport with Sura’s director S P Rajakumar, who had wielded the megaphones for films like ‘En Purushan Kuzhandhai Madhiri’ and ‘Azhagarmalai’.

The comedian is all set to continue the act in ‘Sura’, the 50th film of Vijay, too. For reliable sources close to the movie’s unit say the actor is doing the role of a carefree fisherman, whose name is ‘Umbrella’.

“There is a reason in the movie why Vadivelu’s name is ‘Umbrella’. He plays a close friend of Vijay in this film. The scenes involving Vijay and Vadivelu would surely bring the house down,” sources add.

In the recent times not just Vadivelu, but the names of the characters he acts too are known for evoking laughter. Kaipulla of ‘Winner’, Naai Sekar of ‘Thalainagaram’, Vandu Murugan of ‘Ellam Avan Seyal’ and Deepavali of ‘Kacheri Aarambam’ are to name a few.



  1. Anonymous

    there was a time when vadivelu is compared with vivek. now none can be compared to vadivelu. he is monopoly. if vadivelu is fair skinned, I am sure, vivek wont be where he is now. vivek nowadays copies Vadivelu's style. comedy should be from the bottom of their heart not from mouth. vadivelu is a King

  2. Anonymous

    i dont sgree with that…cause vadivelu makes fun of people in his comedy ..this hurts people's sentiments!!! vivek is good in saying messages!!!! thats why he got award from president

  3. Anonymous

    Vadivelu jokes like "AGALA MANATHU" just the time we will laugh. Vivek jokes are "ALA MANATHU" some good messages. Both having different talents. Vivek can be reduce adults jokes. Anyway they are the rich, we are in same class.

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