Vadivelu’s son Subramani to turn into actor

Vadivelu’s 23-year-old son Subramani is all set to enter the world of cinema glitz and glamour. The comedian is doing all that he can to find a suitable role for his dear son. Several directors in the past have made attempts to sign up Subramani but Vadivelu postponed his son’s debut for reasons best known to him.
Vadivelu is said to have approached the ‘Renigunta’ director Paneer Selvam to create a perfect launch pad for his son Subramani. Paneer Selvam who is now busy in Tollywood will come back to Kollywood in August to direct a film with Jeeva in the lead.News is that Vadivelu’s son may be introduced in the same film as the second hero.

According to Vadivelu, one of the directors had narrated a storyline that will suit his son. He added that an official announcement regarding this project will be made soon. The actor said that unlike him, Subramani will concentrate in all phases of acting like action, sentiment, comedy, and romance.



  1. Anonymous

    i am one of Vadivelu's best fans even i do like him as my best heros even the news of his son going to act iam very eager to see his son's movie vadivelu wants to see his youth age in his son's carrier nothing wrong i request our Vadivelu to let his son teach People good Moral values instead of Thiruttu and Mollamaari panigal

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