uyir ezhuthu

Uyir Ezhuthu a patriotic story !

uyir ezhuthu

The photo shoots for Uyir Ezhuthu did turn heads for it’s sleazy appeal but things don’t appear as they seem to be. The movie has 3 fresh heroines, who will make their debut in this forthcoming, directed by Parameshvar.Check out the exclusive stills .

Uyir Ezhuthu Stills

 Parameshvar who has made flicks like Looty and and Three Roses is returning to filmmaking after a long hiatus. For Uyir Ezhuthu he has got Mahesh Raja, Varsha, Prachi, Arul, Sathak in top roles. News is that director Parameshvar has chosen a patriotic storyline, which will have a lot of action, doubled with a heavy dose of oomph. Actor Suryakiran dons an important role in Uyir Ezhuthu. Composer Pawan has scored the music for this release, with Mohanrajan penning the lyrics. “The story revolves around a gang of terrorists who plan to bomb a city. They have held 3 women as hostages and threaten the government to pay the ransom,” says director Parameshvar. Cinematographer Vijay Valsan who did the glamourous photoshoots, is handling the cameras for Uyir Ezhuthu. The movie is expected as an early June release.


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