Updates on Bala-Vishal’s film


Director Bala has started work on his next project titled Eriyum Thanal for which he has roped in young and upcoming actor Atharva. It is said that after completing Eriyum Thanal, Bala has reportedly finalized another script for which he would be casting Vishal in the lead.

Bala earlier directed Vishal  in Avan Ivan which released a few months back and gave ample proof of the acting credentials that Vishal possesses. Known as an ‘action hero’, Vishal charmed many hearts with his awesome performance in the film Avan Ivan. Going a step further, he appeared ‘squint eyed’ throughout the film, even risking the possibility of a permanent head-ache. Now Vishal is all set to work under Bala again.

The second film that Bala would be directing with Vishal in the lead would also be based on a Malayalam novel. The novel, incidentally, was not only recommended by author Jayamohan but had also been set to screenplay by him for Bala’s reference. It may be worth mentioning that Bala’s earlier national award-winning directorial effort Naan Kadavul was based on a short story by author Jayamohan. Eriyum Thanal is also said to be based on a popular novel of the same titled, which was referred to Bala by Jayamohan.


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