Update on Vetri Maarans festival cut for Aadukalam


Director Vetri Maaran is busy these days magnifying and rectifying the errors of his movie Aadukalam setting everything within his reach at just the right angles, he took out a little time for a chat with us over the phone , here is what he had to say,

Sir please update us a bit about the festival cut that is in the making currently?

I have tried to keep some songs away from in this festival cut and instead added more scenes that I thought will give it a better appeal. Our team is aiming it to be under the 2 hour mark as we don’t want to cross the average length of movies at international festivals.It is set to release at all major international film festivals

It should be noted that the movie promoted on the cockfight sequences did handsomely well at the box office and hopefully will continue its run. It should also be noted that the release happened amidst a fierce rivalry from movies such as Kaavalan and Siruthai as Aadukalam was also released during the Pongal fiesta and still it did well despite the fierce competition.

Dhanush was dubbing for the festival version of his super hit film Aadukalam in Chennai studio he is also excited about its release and has completed work in Hari’s Venghai waiting to start his collaboration with Selvaraghavan’s Irandam Ulagam.


We hope Aadukalam wins laurels at the festivals and reaches out to all the Kollywood fans across the globe.



  1. Urvashi

    Vetri Mara,

    Try to check these touch points:

    1. Do not forget to address the gap in “winning the tournament, collecting the money, giving it to the deceased bhai (our muslim assistant character in the film) family”!
    2. Avoid the scene where Tasee father recommending Danush for the Railway Canteen bid.

    I was not convinced with this content of yours as I did with the Polladhavan effort. Not sure, if you were missed out any inspiration for this project or some business requirements that forced you compromise on the creative front.

    Unless you cut the rushes crisply, this film will not be enjoyed by the cognitive, intellectual audience. The saving grace was Danush. Tasee never had any scenes to be trumpheted as media has been doing since the release….

    Radha Ravi’s incorrigible voice was not suiting the old man’s act. Voice sounded that of a 40+ year old man but the act was of 60+ year old man. There was a huge incongruence of these two.

    Due to the clout of the producer, you escaped from a colossal loss. All my reivews for the film were blocked and removed from various web sites that were funded by the group. However, truth  one daycomes out like Tsunami. The Balu Mahendra shadow can not save you for long.

    I don’t how you kept the dialogue in a chasing scene,”a lady shouting, hey! who’s that jumping on me without wearning underwear” (jatti podama….) Is that what you learnt from Balu Mahendra ???? There is a huge difference between realism and surrealism.

    Commenting is easier than creating any content. However, I would not comment on a Perarasu film or a Ravi Kumar film or a P Vasu film or a Venkatesh film. Because these guys accept that they make masala films. You being from the school of BM, I comment on your effort.

    Come back soon with much better conent; more creative freedom!


  2. Naidu

    Aadukalam is not considered as a hit movie. 1 of the worst movie i hav ever seen. I hate Tamil movies, the way dey make movies r going beyond the expectations. Tollywood rocks…

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