Unwell Yuvan explains Mankathas delayed audio release

Unwell Yuvan explains Mankathas delayed audio release for AugustYuvan Shankar Raja has come out in the open explaining the audio launch delay for one of the most anticipated releases of the season. The young composer disclosed, “The reason for the delay in Mankatha audio is because we had to scrap 1 tune and record a fresh 1”.He further stated, “I wasn’t happy with the old tune for Mankatha.” As a result, the composer got himself back to work fixing things up in the process and now has come up with something fresh. He sounded satisfied with his accomplishment as he remarked, “The new tune sounds much better than the earlier one.”

We also heard that Yuvan was not in the pink of health for the past few days but work has kept him on his toes. He confirmed the same stating, “Sorry people been super busy and sick as well.” After working on his new tune he feels a lot better and ensures that he is working hard to get Mankatha’s final mix down as soon as possible.

So most probably the audio release can be expected this August.


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