Unakkaga En Kaadhal Shraddha On Advise of Simran makes debut in Tamil

Unakkaga En Kaadhal ShraddhaEach Actor entering the Tamil film industry have their own reason. In  case of Shraddha’s who is making her debut in Kollywood with Unakkaga En Kaadhal, seems to have taken Simran’s advise seriously

The actress says, “I’ve always been interested in acting in films. When I told my parents about my desire to get into films , they said I should first complete my education and only then consider a career in films.As per their desire, I did my education in Mumbai. Simran’s home is close to mine in Mumbai and she is also a family friend. So, when I spoke to her about my intention of getting into films, she said that I looked homely and therefore should try for characters in the Tamil film industry, where several good characters were in the offing.” She adds,”

So, based on her advice I decided to do Tamil films. It was at this point that Jayakumar, the director of Unakkaga En Kaadhal, approached me with the script. The story is based on a real life incident that was spoken about widely in the country and so, I chose to make my debut with this film.”


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