Uma Riaz Khan

Uma Riaz Khan thrilled to be part of Bala’s Eriyum Thanal

Uma Riaz Khan

Actress Uma Riaz Khan doesn’t star in many films each year. The actress, who has other interests besides concentrating in her film career, was appreciated for her performance in her latest film Mauna Guru which released late last year. Starring Kalaignar’s grandson Arulnidhi in the lead, the film was directed by newcomer Shantakumar whose work also came in for lot of praise from the critics.

Mauna Guru impressed critics and movie-goers for the way it was filmed by the debutant director. Uma Riyaz’s character as a honest and upright cop in the film has won her accolades from her friends and the movie-goers. Like she always does, Uma had put in a sincere performance in the role of Pndiyamma, the tough cop. It’s rather unfortunate that no director has so far thought of tapping her full potential as an actress.

Thanks to the role in Maunaguru, Uma is said to be courted by many producers and directors with plum offers in their upcoming films. One such director who has called Uma to star in the film is none other than the irrepressible Bala, who has been making his Eriyum Thanal at a pace which he thinks is best suited. The film stars Atharva and Vedhika in lead roles.

Bala doesn’t write his scripts to suit the image of an actor/actress and instead, pens the script and then chooses his star-cast. As such, he commands a high degree of respect from his peers and the actors and actresses in the industry. Uma has reportedly been offered the role of Atharva’s mother in the film. Though no details of her character in the film were revealed, sources say that it’s a significant character.

Bala is said to have contacted Uma and told her that “My assistant would come to you and narrate to you in detail about the script and your role in the film. You can take your own time to decide about taking up the offer.” Uma, however, said that she was quite happy to be part of a Bala film. She has reportedly made it known to the director that she was ready to star in the film irrespective of whether it’s a small role or a significant character.


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