Udhayanidhi Stalin feels shameless

Udhayanidhi Stalin feels shameless

You bet ! 7aam Arivu Producer Udhayanidhi Stalin ought to be one happy Joe with his movie guaranteed to fill in that hefty bank account to a record high. But there is something that troubles this man from the inside. On being inquired how he felt about the much publicized Bodhi Dharman factor in 7aam Arivu the producer nodded his head saying,Who is Bodhi dharma? might be the talk of the town! But feel very shameless to admit that we forgot about the great Tamil legend the innovator of martial arts.”

It can be noted that earlier director AR Murugadoss and Suriya had expressed their part of the story on similar lines. Nonetheless, the party is still on and cinematographer Ravi K Chandran gave us some wonderful tidbits on the movie to cheer things up. He says, “Saw the digital print of 7aam arivu finally 🙂 its magical .. The film is going to be a landmark film Suriya and Shruti rocked” Showering praises on the director Ravi says, “Murugadoss’s screen play and dialogues are so good it takes the film to another level .It’s a new kind of story.” (Exactly the kind we want…so badly…and namma Suriya will deliver for sure).The lens man further added, “In 7aam Arivu Suriya used his body and eyes so well to carry this film’s character so convincingly. It’s a treat to watch him”

Now we’ve got something really special here!…..Suriya fans are you hearing…then shout it out loud….



  1. DK

    booked tickets already..surprising even in US there are so many takers for this movie..cant wait to watch..surya u rock 🙂

  2. Aravind

    The only thng i hate in this film is this fucking thevdiya payan udayanidhi stalin…… yuck….. yenda unnoda thattan total tamilnad marunthuthan nee ennomo Bodi dharman aga feel panra…..

  3. Nayanthara lover

    “I dont get it why people lyk “dish” …some English name to go by…want to show off that they know good English……wat are you trying to do impress the girls…and first of all dont forget that English isnt your mother tongue….you were born Tamizh and so shall you die Tamizh”  – Nayanthara lover , holds English Dr. from Harvard after graduating from Loyola college ,Chennai… that was just for your info DISH….

  4. dish

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  5. Nayanthara lover

    SO basically you are a slave to the WHITE foreigners …and wont let go of even one opportunity to sniff their backs when your away from work…..a freelance software consultant….wat on world is that …now do you work free for the foreigners….this is worse than I thought….and stop copying my words “for your info”….you boast so musch of an English man hiding behind those fake walls …but sad part is you cant even rely back in you own Original fake language ENGLISH…PODA>>> Kollytalk fans ….GEEK alert….!!!

  6. dish

    ur name is an comedy and so are u.. I actually get funds into India.. I work from India for these companies.. I pay 30% taxes..  and “for ur info” is an commonly used sentence and I was trying to reply in the same way as you.. I betcha u know nothing more than preliminary school English.. Harward oru nalla comedy dhane?

    Nee olatal’nu nalla theriyudhu.. nyway.. happy diwali!

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