‘Tsunami dialogue’ hurts Dhanush badly


Actor Dhanush’s latest film ‘Aadukalam’ had him had him uttering a dialogue which went like this: “We are capable enough of swimming against even the Tsunami waves” (Naangallaam Tsunamilayae swimminga pottavanga).

As fate would have it, the deadly Tsunami wreaked great havoc on the peace-loving country of Japan 10 days ago. This has given a handle to the actor’s detractors who have been messaging the actor as to ‘why didn’t he go to Japan to swim and save the Tsunami victims?’

This has obviously irritated Dhanush, whose father-in-law and superstar Rajnikanth enjoys a huge fan following in the country thanks to his many hits in Japan like ‘Muthu’, ‘Chandramukhi’, etc. Dialogue, basically, is the whole-some responsibility of the director and everyone should realize this, insists the actor.

Dhanush, like others, was deeply upset by the Tsunami tragedy that has shaken Japan. Upset by the media’s criticism of his ‘Aadukalam’ dialogue in the backdrop of the actual Tsunami in Japan, Dhanush has jetted off to the far and safe destination of Monaco with family to relax himself.



  1. sathiya from singapore

    dear dhanush dont wory about anyone talk worng about you or your acting …. you was super in this movie… i have watch it more than 100 times. keep up the good work … fans in singapore out here 4 u . cheers

  2. jagan (uthamaputhiran)

    Tha Dhanush pathi pesarathuku evanukumeh rides illa, dialogue ah dialogue ah paarunga da…. oruthan maela vandhura koodadhu avana udana azhichidiveengleh, tha evana edhana solunga da, dhanush anna fanz saagum vara avuru rasigana irundhutu dhan saavom, tha Dhanush haterz la saavunga da,
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    Twitter : @jagajazz

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