Trishas Wishlist this Diwali

Trisha dreaming
Trisha dreaming

Diwali is round the corner we hope you have started making your wishlists .We caught hold of Trisha’s Wishlist this Diwali, and here is what she desires this Diwali ( Men are you listening ?)

1.Mother to stay forever young.

2. Bag National Award as soon as possible

3. A duet song in the moon

4. Want to join hands with super star in a movie

5. Desires to touch Ocean’s ground

6. Travel in the much awaited Metro train to be built in Chennai

7. Hopes that no kids suffer from cancer

8. To sing a song along maestro A R Rahman

9. Wishes to wear school uniform and go ‘Back to School’

10. Drift through Coovum river.

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  1. Krishna

    She is useless . Only her beautiful only gives chance in silver screen. She dont know acting, Sentiments she is totally zero in silver screen. Please my humble request dont act with our super star. Dont spoil his name. he is the mass hero……… your good partner is senthil,Goundamani, S.S. Chandran, Loose mohan,, Vayapuri like that only ok. Please put a shutter for your cinema life atleast future generation will get escape….. you are like cancer. stupid and useless bastard girl.

  2. Saravedi

    Her wishlist seems to be like Mathappu sticks….only colored flame to fume others….nothing more than that….Grow-up Trisha.
    Have some simple wishes like any other actress…getting married to UK born business man or cricketer or become a second wife in a good family by breaking the relationship in a family, then have kids, then get divorse, act in serials, then go into hibernation….one day you can act in a bad movie as sister, mother, mother-in-law, grandma….

    First try to perform in a good movie to bring justice as an actress and then have dreams….don’t be kiddish

  3. Vasin's Student

    Wish list’la food’ pathi, drink’a pathi, ftiness’a pathi and men’a pathi onnume illa. Tamils well being pathiyum ethum illa. Rajni’kuda nadikanumnu solrathum Award pathi solrathum makes sense. She is astray. Get your feet back on earth Trish

  4. Vasin's Student

    may be not all will happen? 0.00000001% chance irka avanga mother apdiye young’a irkarathuku?

  5. Vasin's Student

    She’s arrogant sometimes. She’s foolish sometimes. But; Did her schooling well. finished her collegeate studies well. Worked in films professionally. She’ alright. Except for saying things like she can’t cook, her family well read, peethikarathu.

  6. Vasin

    Hey Thrisha! Your facial skin looks like paper. Your boy friend is going to ditch you. Take care. Eat Beef. Happy Deepawali. 

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