Trisha Thanksgiving pic

Trishas Thanksgiving pic


Trisha Thanksgiving pic

Yesterday was a special day, for people in the USA (Wohooo…surprisingly that rhymed).Families get together on Thanksgiving Day to celebrate the good harvest, sharing the joy with the community and dear ones. Our own Kollywood queen Trisha too had a reason to smile as she requested all her fans to present her with a Thanksgiving card befitting the occasion.

While Trish browsed through the stocking piles she finally set her eyes on one of them that stood out from the lot. Seeing the response from her fans she thanked each one of them saying, “All are pretty cute actually…Sweeeet…!!! Thanks u guys..That was quick..Big huggg and have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone…” On inquiring what was keeping her busy other than celebrating Thanksgivng, Trish said that she had managed to find some time for herself and was caught up in the Kolaveri fever. Says the actress, “I’m totally addicted to ‘Why this Kolaveri di?’ and super happy that it’s the talk of the nation.Yay Tamil cinema is going places. Congrats !!”

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