Trisha’s adopts two Children On her Birthday from Udavum Karangal

Trisha turned 27 on may 4th ,and the actress with her mom and friends celebrated her birthday at the Udavum karagnal,chennai  with around 400 kids and also has adopted two children on her birthday from the home.

Trisha is a not a  new face into social works, she has been doing social welfare activities on a quite pace for some time.

Trisha on her adoption said, “I always wanted to help others on my birthday every year.This time I decided to celebrate to my birthday in an orphanage. I was moved by the affection those kids showered on me and decided to adopt two children.

I have adopted a 6 year old mentally disabled girl and a 4 month old boy. I will take care of all the expenses for them.I felt very happy I could spend some time with the kids, including the two of those whom I have recently adopted. This is one birthday I will never forget



  1. Anonymous

    Good job trisha, i ve also read you meet the patients at a Cancer Institute on your birthday,keep up the good work, impressed on the adoption.

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