Trisha yearns to do more woman centric roles in films


Trisha has come out in her defense to the allegations that she hasn’t been choosing ‘woman-centric’ films in Tamil and Telugu. The actress, who is presently starring opposite Ajit in his upcoming 50th film ‘Mankatha’, too time off recently to speak to newsmen and touched many subjects of her interest.

“Comparing us with the earlier generation of heroines is a bit unfair. Films those days had lot of woman-centric films which offered the heroine vast scope to display their histrionics in powerful women characters. The trend, however, has undergone a sea-change nowadays where a heroine has to look glamourous irrespective of the role she plays in a particular film.

“I feel negative role offers scope to display the full ‘range’ of an actress. I would love to do characters like the one Ramya Karishnan played in Rajni’s ‘Padaiyappa’. I believe in the institution of marriage but my marriage would have to be a love-affair culminating in matrimony. The guy I would opt for will have to be intelligent, smart, good-looking and should be able to converse on any topic on earth.

“I don’t believe in the notion that marriage takes away from an actress the glamour and beauty in her outward appearance,” concludes Trisha.


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