Trisha Promotes Colgate IDA Guinness World Record Stills

Trisha at IDA Guinness World Record Stills
Trisha at IDA Guinness World Record Stills

Trisha the brand ambassador of Colgate IDA was there to promote the Guinness World Record the Colgate team managed to get into
after having set a world record for most people using a mouthwash at the same time in November 2010, after having provided dental check-ups to 66,322 children across multiple locations involving 33 schools in five cities across India.  This is the third world record, in which over 1,000 children rinsed their mouths simultaneously using a mouthwash as a part of the celebrations by Colgate and IDA(Indian Dental Association)  for achieving the Guinness World Records for β€˜maximum number of dental check-ups’in a single day.

Speaking at the event she said, β€œBeing part of Guinness World Records is such an exciting opportunity. When education is combined with fun activities, learning becomes so much easier and it stays with you for life. I congratulate Colgate and IDA for successfully creating Guinness World Records twice before achieving a hat-trick today.”

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