Trisha with her mother Uma Krishnan

Trisha owes her success to her mom

Trisha with her mother Uma Krishnan

Actress Trisha has gone on record attributing all the success she has so far earned in her professional career to her doting mother Uma Krishnan who follows her like a shadow. Trisha’s mother Uma, whose youthful looks make her look like a sister rather than mother of the actress, always remains by the actress during her shooting within the country and abroad.

Speaking about her mother’s role in shaping her career, Trisha says that her mother is the one who is ‘primarily responsible’ for he entering the world of films and for reaching a stage from where she can pick and choose her films. A couple of months ago, rumours were doing rounds claiming that Trisha was about to get married. Denying all those rumours, the actress has now become busy as a bee with her projects in Tamil and Telugu.

Uma, who had launched a hunt for a ‘suitable groom’ for her pretty daughter, is said to have put that ‘search’ on hold as Trisha has become busy again. In the film industry, one has to make while hay while the Sun shines lest he would regret later. Trisha now has two films in Telugu and Samaran (opposite Vishal) in Tamil and is shuttling frequently between Hyderabad and Chennai. In a recent interview, she has said that her mother is the ‘driving force’ behind whatever she has managed to achieve in the past decade or so.

“My mother, who also happens to be my best friend, is always there for me. She never blocks my desires nor forces any restriction in my movement or speech. Prior to entering films, I worked as a model which did affect my studies. She understood my predicament and never said or done anything that would have discouraged me.

“When my debut film Lesa Lesa took a beating at the box-office, I felt heart-broken and decided that I should quit films at that very moment. It was my mother who encouraged me to carry on and was instrumental in whatever I have manage to achieve as on date,” concludes Trisha.



  1. Josip vijai paembang

    if it was a guy who pierced the tatoo for u, then he is a lucky bast…he would have seen it all.

  2. Smile

    its true…in the film industry one has to make hay while the sun shines..but Trisha has made a large amount of hay,wool,yarn which will last her for eons…its better she calls it a day…oh btw,she can still act after marriage….

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