Trisha explains why she had a tiff with a voter

Trisha Family Vote Tamil State Assembly Election

Actress Trisha was recently spotted in a mini-controversy when she was seen arguing with the police personnel as well as those who had assembled in queue outside the polling booth in Chennai’s Alwarpet where the actress had been to cast her vote on the Election day i.e. on Wednesday.

Photographs of Trisha arguing (quarrelling?) with the public and the cops sent disturbing messages to her fans and to the members of the welfare club she had launched.

It is said that trouble erupted as when Trisha along with her mother Uma and grandmother went directly headed to the polling booth to cast her vote without bothering to stand in queue.

Irked by this, a voter in the queue demanded that Trisha should join the queue. This resulted in a heated argument and following police intervention Trisha joined the queue as demanded. However, her grandmother, who is a senior citizen, was taken to the polling booth without having to wait in the queue.

When contacted, Trisha vehemently denied that she had entered into argument or quarrelling either with the cops or with the voters.

She says “It wasn’t wrong to ask me to stand in queue…but the arrogant and disrespectful manner in which he told me was not proper. It is regrettable that we actresses are always taken for granted.

“When I am spoken to in a harsh manner by somebody, I repay in the same coin and react in the same way. The same happened at the booth. The guy spoke harshly and in a rough manner and I retorted. Had he been more polite, I would have been equally courteous. I want to set the record straight and that’s why I’m offering the explanation,” concludes Trisha.

But why did you try to avoid the queue m’am?



  1. ravi

    Useless Trisha,,, If you are in the queue, why that guy will be arrogant manner.. Its all your mistakes. You dont know how to behave in the public.

  2. Aravind

    U may b a star to u r fans and cinema but rules are rules and u cant break it…even trying to break that is a crime…i really wish to appreciate that guy…..

  3. thrisha foursha fivesha...

    ada vidungappa….nattula ellorum pannathathaiyya trisha panni irkanga…..athu pogatum trisha amma summa solla kudathu… semma figure da….nxt kanavu kanni avangathan….

  4. Shark

    first of all, why the hell you went directly to voting without standing in the line.    Don’t you know the decency??   You want everything to be told.. What the heck you’re….

  5. jojo muniandy

    Yet another example of most hot chicks are dumb…… Anyway trisha is not that hot i think, maybe thats why that guy lambasted her….. hehehhehee, booooooooooooo

  6. jojo muniandy

    Yet another example of the fact that most hot chicks are dumb…… Anyway trisha is not that hot i think, maybe thats why that guy lambasted her….. hehehhehee, booooooooooooo

  7. vishal

    people lining up in a queue under hot sun to vote….what makes her so special….
    thats y should not build temple for normal humans…….

  8. KISS

    cse that guy was harsh trisha  was harsh to him if that guy kiss trisha will she do it in return…………..come on girl have common sense  ur not queen in this world 

  9. kk

    Lame Trisha. Please understand that you must be ashamed of yourself for giving such a explanation which confirms you went straight to vote igoring everyone else who is standing in a line.even a child with any common sense will stand behind the last person in the line.watever that guy said and u replied is not our concern.fine if you guys fight.but why the heck you jump the line and what makes you think you are any special?!!!!

  10. Ramkumar

    Its a surprise..why should she walk out directly to the booth when she is educated and knows that a long queue is waiting for the same..and expecting a polite courtesous statment..all well known, she must have stood in the queue along with others before anyone questioning her on it.. 🙂

  11. anonymous

    i think celebrites have security issues so they can be given special permission to go past the queue…it will be better thay way for everyone else too.

  12. DKEN

    Hats off to that guy who asked her to stand in the queue. She should not think herself as great. Ofcourse she is a celebrity but the booth was not crowded at all.

  13. Naan

    Hi, I dont know you. But its always better to agree or disagree to any statement. But not react emotionally like this. It helps us improve our lives and health. Good Luck.

  14. Naan

    We are proving to the world, that we Indians are not mannered yet. Let us as citizens of India improve our behavior. We being the educated generation, let us behave ourselves at all the public places. Lets all learn to respect others and to follow all the rules everwhere. 

  15. karthik

    she never said she is a queen you dumbo,i can understand her side being a guy,how some idiots behave with women in our state,its pathetic,men need to be more decent. its good she gave it back to him. she didn’ jump the queue at all that day,its just your presumption asusual. good men will support her for standing up,otherwise you would called a male chevrolist. your stupid kiss comment proves what class you would belong to? i guess ask your own sister or mother for that answer,they would give you better answer. be a man,stand up for the right or die a coward.

  16. rohan

    ya,infact we should never support this so called super star gujinikanth anymore too. he is an oppurtunistic guy,i have ever seen. why would he need to give any explanation to karuna for voting for admk,ppl must think that he only stands up for his own family and its benefits,he is an ugliest avatar of karuna himself. he cheated the people of tamilnadu by apologising unnecesarily in the hogenakkal issue,just for his film to be released in bangalore and giving away a cheque for 1 crore during cauvery issue was the ugly gimmick too,he knows that national river project will never haapen in his grandchildrens lifetime too,very cunning person he is,but what makes me wonder is,why the people havn’t still realised thaty he is a piece of dump. grow up people

  17. Qualia

    Trisha says that the voter was being harsh,I can understand him being harsh – how would it be for someone to see that these actress go ahead of others simply because they are actress.Its natural for anyone to feel that way that they are doing it because they’re an actress

    Also the line “ It is regrettable that we actresses are always taken for granted.” gives it away.Its the opposite, “It is regrettable that you actresses take things for granted”

    I have not recieve any kind of polite treatment even when I break a rule unintentionally and I sometimes cant blame the other person for being like that.

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