Trisha enjoying Christmas worried of eating too much


Trisha is really enjoying this Christmas to the fullest, shoots, weddings, and an ever increasing fan following prior to her movie release, what else could she ask for.

Recently she wrapped up with the shooting at Cape Town and next it was Dubai where she had to attend the wedding of one of her best friends.

She commented, “Had a blast attending my friends wedding in Dubai. Did nothing but shop, eat n chill. Love my friends and my time with them. December is surely my most favorite time of the year, especially because of Christmas. There’s something so magical about it.”

Post wedding she is a little worried as she has been busy with a photo shoot and says Hope I’m not looking chubby considering all I did in Dubai was eat.”

The actress surely is catching up with her fans thanks to the internet and is thrilled at the response she has been receiving all across the globe.

Well it’s a big deal according to her to have crossed the 1 lakh fan followers on Twitter.

This is what she had to say ‘I am super thrilled 2 have crossed the 1 lakh mark. Thank u guys. You’re the best  I may not tweet too often but I sure read all my posts n comments,’

Have a look at the gorgeous girl she surely is competition to the scenic backdrop in Cape town isn’t it?

December surely is a favorite month for many; we surely look forward to catching up with your movie Manmadhan Ambu to add to all the fun.



  1. silly titles

    this title would match if shes a christian and enjoying her seasonal funs. dont they have any proper news to put on next time do this ” trish bought a pink towel trisha bought a new pink panty”

  2. guy

    thats the prob when celebrities start tweeting.. everyone is peeping into their tweets if they can find some news and make it business!!

  3. guy

    thats the prob when celebrities start tweeting(on twitter).. everyone is peeping into their tweets if they can find some news and make it business!!

  4. Vasin

    Why? If Trisha+Panty news appears won’t you be curious? Come on guys; you pretend. All boys like girls and their innerwares. When we were in college once we – a four strong team – sneaked into Kalakshetra to bring home panties.

  5. Vasin

    Ennathu X-Mas for Christians’ka? X-Mas is a festival for all now. It is an international festival and falls at a very pleasant time even for Thamilar. Yeppa eanpa ipdi irkeenga? Ongala update pannikave maatingala? 

  6. Vasin

    A macho guy may have that dominating fantacy but would never boast about it like you. You are just a show off.

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