Trisha crazy for puppies


So after her cockpit experience recently, a new attraction that catches Trisha’s fantasy, no we are not talking about fast machines this time.Well all she wants is to reach out to all the helpless and homeless mongrels that roam around the city,and let us tell you she is doing her bit too in spreading the word to her fans, here is what she has to say.

It breaks my heart when I see people willing to pay huge amounts like 2 lakhs to pick up a pure-bred puppy and look down on adopting a mongrel. Talk about double standards!

The pathetic fact is that some amongst these pure-breeds are most of the time left at the mercy of their watchmen and domestic help and tied ignorantly to be left at some corner for most of the day. What’s the point of rolling in crores in big bungalows when one lacks the basic compassion for an animal?

My only humble request to you is PLEASE do not buy puppies if u don’t have the time for them. They are like babies needing constant care and attention and for those who are open minded and want a 4-legged companion please adopt them. There are so many those need homes and let me assure you, no one look will down at you for adopting a mongrel. On the contrary you will surely win many more hearts. KUDOS to all the wonderful, compassionate animal lovers I know and my friends for picking up a lost puppy and doing the needful to find him a home.

I’m a desi gal with a desi dog. Be Indian, Bark India, PETA rocks.



  1. Vasin

    Epdi puppies’a namba aalunga loving’a treat pannuvanga. namba muttal munnor yaaro ‘Nay’ kevalama oru animal’a portray pannitanga. Namba kuruda avanga sonnapadiy thaan vaalnthitrikom. Anyway Trisha’a effort nalla effort.

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