Trisha Caught in Drug Racket: Rana,Kamna Jethmalani,Charmi others in the list

Following The arrest of actor Ravi Teja’s brothers (caught buying cocaine) seems to have opened the names of film stars and children of VIPs whose cellphone numbers featured in the call logs of arrested African drug dealers out in the open.

Sources said that the call logs of Nigerian and Ugandan drug peddlers Patrick, Donald and Clement featured phone numbers of film actors Daggubati Rana, Kamna Jethmalani, Trisha, Charmi, Poonam Kaur, Madhushalini, Saira Bhanu, Uppalapati Ravi Srinivas, Bobby alias Nanduri Uday, Raja, his friend Sushant and Nani of the film Ashta Chemma.

Trisha stated,News being spread about me is false. My lawyer is speaking with concerned authorities.

Trisha Speaks on TV 9

Forward to 1.00 min

Photo shared by Trisha on Aug 11, Last night was so muchhhh fun with some of my great “filmi” friends…Love these kinda getogethers.

Phone numbers of Telugu Desam leader, Mr Aravind Goud’s son, Mr Vinod Goud, MP Mr Mohammed Azharuddin’s son, MP Mr Lagadapati Rajagopal’s son, Mr Asrit, MP Mr Harsha Kumar’s son, Mr Sriraj and MP Mr Anjani Kumar Yadav’s son were also found in the call logs of the drug peddlers as well as that of Mr Ravi  Teja’s brother Mr Bharat Raju.

Ms Mounika Reddy, daughter of Bhuma Nagi Reddy said,I don’t know how my number figured in their mobile phone. I have no connections with them. For a day or two I remember I lost my cellphone and I got it again.”

The city police confirmed in a press conference yesterday that they have a consolidated list of 65 top celebs who are regular users of cocaine and warned the celebs to mend their ways or face arrest. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not just small time actors who are abusing drugs. A couple of leading stars, directors and composers are known to regularly consume drugs. “A couple of successful stars (including a star who’s trying her luck in Bollywood) regularly consume drugs at private parties or at select pubs (nine city pubs are currently under scanner as drug peddling hubs),” reveals an industry source.

New-age filmmaker Saikiran Adavi feels the same way. “The law will take its own course and punish the offenders. But making sweeping allegations against T-town is unfair and unwarranted. Drug consumption is prevalent in other sectors like IT too, but anything that involves T-town gets undue mileage. That’s the cost of being a celebrity.”



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    <span>Rema sen,  Sonia Agarwal Trisha and whos this oldy? intha munjingala ellam makeup illama paakave mudiyathu</span>

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    this is common, in movie industry…………ethavida periya secret vizhiyam ellam veliya varum parunga………aduthathu prostitutionla mattuvanga…………ithelam sagajamunga

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    Once these people get fame n money,the next step is over drinking,drugging n indulging in all wrong ways n finally they commit suicide,evvalo celebrities paathirkom .they look sick without makeup

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