Trisha at Mumbai for Deepavali


Trisha feels sad because she won’t get to spend this Deepavali with her family. The actress will be in Mumbai for ‘Mankatha’  shooting during that time.

It seems so Trisha is going to be on travel and out station activities the whole of next month. After Mankatha Shooting, she will be flying to London to walk down the ramp for the audio launch function of her good friend Simbu’s film, Vaanam.

Later in the month, she will be in Singapore to attend the audio launch function of her Manmadhan Ambu. It’s also reported that Trisha, along with Kamal Haasan, Madhavan and Sangeetha will go on a cruise along with some of the film buffs as a plan to promote Manmadhan Ambu.



  1. Vasin

    When you say Trisha say ‘Trisha and her Mommy’. Trisha is only 12 years old! She can only cook Cup Noodles. 5 years ago she was a bubbly actress. Now she is a joke.

  2. Vasin

    Trisha can only do Cup Noodles. But I can do Chicken Kolombu, Beef Stew, Spinach Thuvayal, Tomato Fry, Minced Beef Fry, Caulflower/Minced Beef Mash and Raitha. Yeeee…

  3. Vasin

    Hey. We are ordinary people. If we say we hate her Trisha will be happy because she thinks she belongs to a special class. Therefore say ‘I love you Thrish’.

  4. hilarious

    vasin, if you can cook all this then why dont you start acting…honestly i am sure there are OTHER stuff she can do that YOU CANT.

  5. Vasin

    Also I can eat much more than her. But on one thing we are similar. I hate vegetables so only If I feel very unhealthy I go for spinach. She doesn’t eat vegeetables because she says cup noodles has vegetables!!!! 

  6. Vasin

    Oh you mean Raam was talking to us and Trisha’s mother not to Trisha and Trisha’s mother. hey you are sharp mate. Java Programmer?

  7. Vasin

    Just fry Vine tomatos on a pan. The juice mix with butter to form some taste. fast food. can have with bread and a glass of milk. Only once I ate thokku. I think it requires some skill.

  8. S.Ramanathan

    Hi Vasin
    Good Job man that you can prepare different meals. If u dont mind can u please share with us the “Minced Beef Fry” & “Cauliflower/Minced Beef Mash” recipe . If it is not too much for you .
    S. Ramanathn

  9. Hi Vasin

    Thanks Mate, for the Minced Beef recipe. Sounds yummy.  I will give it a try and let you know how it turns out. From today on You are my friend.
    S. Ramanathan

  10. Vasin

    Hi Rami  
    It is fast food too. Minced Beef is sold in packets in super markets and Butchers can do it fresh if you ask them. They have a kind of mincer. As usual start with heating up half of the usual big onion in oil in a big pan. However siince Beef is foreign to us (Indians) we have to use a heavy ginger content to kill the bad smell that would come out of it. Don’t buy cheap Beef. The ginger should be at least the amount of onions you put in. Chop ginger before adding it to the heated onions. Add half of a Garlic. Well chopped again. Add a couple of hot green chillies. Chopped again. Now chuck in 3/4 kilo minced beef into the pan with 1/2 a can of chopped tomatos sold in supermarkets. Let all getting heated up and fried for at least 30 minutes. Be at the stove to make adjustments. You can add a little bit of Madras Curry Powder but not a lot. You have to add little amounts of water and salt intermittently as the beef could go dry.    
    At the same time boil 2 Kohiflowers until it becomes soft but not too soft. Crush it but don’t mash it. The name I gave is misleading.    
    Mix both I mean beef & Koly and thats it. Have a lot of raitha as side dish. Eat with friends. Just don’t keep it for one more time or day. It is not great to eat with hands. You are deemed to go to gym regularly. This is not for old people.

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