Trisha Ambassador PETA :Adopt street dogs

Trisha: Please adopt street dogs

All film stars are involved in some social activities other than their acting profession. Actress Trisha, one of the busiest in the Indian film industry is also involved in social activities. Every year during her birthday Trisha visits the Cancer Institute and spends her time with the cancer affected children and gifts them with toys and food. Whenever she finds time among her busy schedule she visits the orphanages and provides free lunch for them.

Trisha is also very fond of animals and especially she loves dogs a lot. Trisha has two dogs as pets at home. One among them is a stray dog. When Trisha went for shooting to Hyderabad, she found a puppy injured and lying in the road. Immediately Trisha took the dog for medical attention.

After treatment the puppy was taken by Trisha to Chennai by flight carrying in a basket. From that day Trisha is bringing up that dog at her home. The organization PETA on hearing this issue has appreciated Trisha for her kind gesture and asked her to participate in the dog camp which is being organized at Chennai Park Sheraton.

She says,” Everyone should bring up the stray dogs so there will be no menace of stray dogs. Trisha has also requested her fans to adopt street dogs.

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Trisha has been signed up as the Goodwill Ambassador for the Angel for Animals campaign by The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) recently.

With is Trisha joins the likes of Amitabh Bachchan, John Abraham, Madhavan and a host of other celebrities in advocating the cause of showing love and affection towards stray animals.



  1. Anonymous

    oru kai la chicken leg piece …. innoru kai la stray dog… and you're the ambassador for PETA! Ammani nee sikiramave TN CM aidivinga… you've a bright career in politics !!

    Animal lover is not loving animals on the plate…. Purunjidai yoo Kolandaai?? 😛

    You're like Karunanidhi thatha Who slanders hindus and hindu gods.. but participates in ifthihar or xmas/New Year Mass at well known churches regularly and then calls himself ATHEIST!

  2. Anonymous

    Amma trisha unta iruka money vachu oru 100 child adopt pannalam. Atha vitutu street dogs adopt pannunga nu sollitu athukum saerthu panam vangitu poreeye?

    Indha natula than dog ku iruka mariyathai kooda manusanuku kidaiyathu…

  3. Anonymous

    Hello anonymous,

    Trisha has already adopted two children.

    Even no top heroes including Rajini or Kamal haasan didn't do such activities.

    Can you do this good thing?

    Don't comment on persons who are doing welfare activities?

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