Total audience: 3 for Vivek’s ‘Magane En Marumagane’ in a show

vivek as hero Magane En Marumagane flop

Recent released  film under the title ‘Magane En Marumagane’ had actor Vivek playing the lead role along with Mithun. The film didn’t even last for a week in the theaters. The shocking news is that a number of shows were cancelled even in that one week’s time.

The film planned for 4 shows a day in a theater in Vadapalani. On the fourth day of the film release the total number of audience for the noon show was just 3. To run a show the minimum requirement of audience is 7, the film couldn’t even get the minimum required audience for a show.

The theater owner cancelled the show. News come out that Vivek is very depressed after he came to know about the incident. The shows which followed were also lacking the sufficient number of audience. The theater owners have returned the print of the film to the producer itself. These theaters have released the film ‘Pen Singam’.

Previously comedian Vadivelu acted as hero in two films, the first one turned out to be mega hit while the second bombed. Vivek following the trend of comedian as hero has failed to grab the attention of the audience.



  1. sitetracker

    vivek needs to learn a lot in comedian roles. vivek is not equal to vadivelu. inside both are same but outside vivek skin is lighter so lighter skin people like sometimes. and when vivek acted with good stuff in sami like films people really enjoyed from all corners.

    vadivelu is dark skinned so light skinned people might go for vivek but vadivelu's body language is much much hilarious similar to jim carey so his acting in hero like 23m pulikesi went well.

    vivek things he has brain more than rajini and kamal similar to Kalaivanar and hence failure. he should only concentrate on comedy if needs to win people hearts.

  2. Anonymous

    Vivek periaaaa abdul kalam oda puuu nu ninacha ipdi thaaan..allava pesi comedy olunga pannanum..i pity the producers of the movie…

  3. Anonymous

    mesiya murukkuna viran kidiyadu unakku yan intha assai vivk nee nadisha kaluthi kudapakkadu antha 3 pyru yaru?

  4. Anonymous

    vivek = head weight. but, I liked his hilarious comedy. bcos he is fair, he thinks he is equal to ajith and kamal but inside he is a waste

    vadivelu = typical talent from madurai + headweight + ottai vayan

  5. Anonymous

    when I see this, I remind the inefficiency of Indian Government to decide whom to give padmashree. It gave to vivek when tamil industry has produced such wonderful talent before like NSK, MR Radha, Balayia, Chandrababu, Nagesh or even Gowndamani. They did not even considering these ppl, they gave to vivek is total madness. This is one such result of that flaw.

  6. Anonymous

    indian govt is racist. will only acknowledge people related to brahmins. brahmins are there in every corner of indian government authority as IAS, IPS, Income Tax, CBI etc…then, how will other caste grow. brahmins include all other caste which will do anything for money like reddy, marathi, rajput. this is the reason why maoist fighting. I am from top caste in India but this is what I feel about India. even europeans and American will feel the same I guess

  7. Anonymous

    mokkai movie. vivek no match for heroine's model like looks

    vivek is physically unfit. and mentally disturbed by head weight and ego. he has to pay for it

  8. Pooja

    These days these commedians think by acting foolish it is commedy.Commedy is different from acting a foolish character. Most of Vadivels acting are foolish character, that means always get hit by people for foolsh acts. This type of acts is good for children than adults. Especially for intelligent people don't enjoy this type of foolish character acting most of the time. So both Vadivel and Vivek has to improve their acting by taking some smart moves.

  9. Anonymous

    i pity our tamil people…honestly,i have seen comedians from other languages they are 100%better than ours…like saleem kumar suraj and the hgreat jagathy from malayalam.bramanatham sunil and venumadhavv from telugu thease people are excellent compared with ours …my dear tamil makkaley stop tamil chanting and try to learn other languages and there by broden your views on all issues…tamil vazga…

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