Top Tamil Cinemas of 2010

Here is a quick flashback of the year 2010 which was filled with tamil cinemas released from many debutant makers, and fresh face actors, and many new attempts. Surprisingly, almost all of those  new attempts were working magic at the box-office collection or made people talk of them. But a lot of biggies fell hopelessly and many unexpected turnouts were seen from the newbies.

Out of the 149 films released in 2010 only 16 films took back their investment or crossed the break even. Which portrays; a  very sorry figure  of  the Hit ratio coming down to 11 percent against 14 percent in 2009,  While 18 percent  was the figure in 2008 and  last  peak  was  seen in 2006 (24%).

Top tamil films  released in 2010 and went ahead , won the hearts of both the classes and the masses:


Star Cast – Super Star Rajinikanth, Aishwarya Rai
Direction – Shankar

Rajini - Aishwarya in Endhiran
Rajini - Aishwarya in Endhiran

Billed as India’s costliest film ever, Super Star’s Endhiran is 2010’s biggest hit. This film had everything going for it — Rajnikanth and Aishwarya Rai in the lead roles, A R Rahman’s musical extravaganza, lavish sets, outstanding camera-work and animation done by the Stan Winston Studios.

It’s director Shankar, who dreams big and always finds someone who has the gumption to turn it into celluloid. Shankar not only delivered a great deal from the tried and tested ‘Superstar’ formula by putting the story firmly in the centre, but also presented Rajinikanth in an avatar not seen in a long while. The iconic Superstar contributed a certain magic in Endhiran that is hard to explain, and the magic was unabashed and unrelenting from the first frame to the last.

The story of an android that longs to be human might be an old one in Hollywood, but it was handled with a dose of nativity, which triumphed the scientific jargon and made it a very entertaining indeed.


Vaseegaran (Rajini) the scientist creates a bionic clone reminiscent of the young and agile superstar of yore. He’s invested with feelings and that’s where the trouble starts. The robot falls for his creator’s girlfriend.

There’s the baddie Danny who’s keen on selling him to a ‘foreign hand’ to aid international terrorism. Finally good does triumph over evil but not before you experience ennui and euphoria with a pinch of emotions.

Angadi Theru

Star Cast – Newcomer Mahesh, Anjali,Sneha (in a cameo), A Venkatesh, ‘Black’ Pandi
Direction – G Vasanthabalan

Mahesh-Anjali in Angadi Theru
Mahesh-Anjali in Angadi Theru

Vasanthabalan‘s realistic film ‘Angadi Theru’ that was produced by Ayngaran International, and released early this year did exceptionally well at the box office as well reaffirming faith in the audience.   The raw and sometimes brutal side of the commercial shopping malls at Chennai, was showcased in the film.

With little touches of dark humour, melodious musics and intricate characterisations that brought a lump to one’s throat, Angadi Theru managed to skate the fine line between art-house cinema and mainstream fare, successfully garnering the attention it deserved.

The film’s leads Anjali and Mahesh received accolades for their realistic portrayals.


The one-stop shop wonders that attract thousands of shoppers and spin the wheels of commerce are actually spun by the sweaty and sleep-deprived hungry youth of Tamil Nadu.While they have jobs that allow them to send home desperately-needed money, their working conditions are pathetic. But the young sweat it out, despite lacking fundamental rights, including the freedom to fall in love.


Star Cast: Vidhaarth, Amala Paul, Sethu, Thambi Ramaiyya
Direction: Prabhu Salomon

Amala Paul - Viddarth in Mynaa
Amala Paul - Viddarth in Mynaa

Director Prabhu Solomon chose the lush hills of Theni -Munnar which are filled with the refuse of human habitation to set his movie.  It stars Vidhaarth and Amala Paul, two characters who have grown up with each other, and naturally, fell in love .Very soon though, problems crop up in paradise.

What sets Mynaa apart from all the other love stories is the film’s story shot liberally with humour, its quirky characters, the local dialect and the gut-wrenching climax. Amala Paul, who had got back to her original name (She was Anaka in the forgettable flick Sindhu Samaveli.) received accolades by putting up a neat show.

Storyline – Life looks rosy for childhood friends turned lovers. But Fate has other plans


Star Cast: Mysskin, Snigdha, Aswath Ram
Direction – Mysskin

Mysskin-Aswath Ram in Nandalala
Mysskin-Aswath Ram in Nandalala

Like many well finished scripts that take an inordinate time to reach the public, Nandalala languished in the cans for months.

We all know Mysskin is a maker of quality films. But that he is also a meritorious performer came as a surprise. Looking every inch the mentally imbalanced grown-up he portrays, Mysskin did a fabulous job. Also Aswath Ram who plays the young boy came in for a good deal of praise.

As a writer and director, Mysskin rises high above the standards he set with the earlier quality cocktails he served, viz., Chithiram Paesuthadi and Anjaadhae.

The screenplay, though inspired from the Japanese classic Kikujiro, successfully transformed itself to the local milieu adding native flavour with its dialogues characters and beautifully etched humour.

Ilaiyaraja’s background score and the scintillating solos ‘Mella Oorndhu’ and ‘Anbu Onnu Dhaan Anaadhaiya’ that meld with the poignant silences are jewels that adorn Nandalala.

Storyline – Genuine bonding between a mentally challenged person and a school going kid


Star Cast: Arya, Amy Jackson, Nasser and VMC.Haneefa
Direction:A L Vijay

Arya - Amy Jackson in Madrasapattinam
Arya - Amy Jackson in Madrasapattinam

Madrasapattinam is something different from the normal run-of-the-mill Tamil movies. Against the backdrop of the Madras of the 1940s is set a tale of gentle love between a sophisticated British beauty and a handsome hulk, a native from the most humble section of society. Director Vijay’s eye for detail exemplifies the diligence that has gone into the making of Madrasapattinam.

Though several parallels can be drawn between Madrasapattinam and Titanic, Lagaan and even Nayagan, the place and period of romance in Madrasapattinam are very different. Convincing Performances by Arya and Amy Jackson were a real delight in Madrasapattinam.

Music was another major plus of Madrasapattinam. The young composer G.V. Prakash Kumar had used a variety of voices (Roop Kumar Rathod, Sonu Nigam, Andrea Jeremiah, MSV, ‘Chiyaan’ Vikram and Nasser!) to enhance the appeal of the songs. Lyricist Na. Muthukumar’s lyric for the ‘Pookal Pookum …’ number was particularly arresting.

No wonder it struck a chord with the audience.

Storyline – The love between an Indian launderer(Dhobi) and an aristocratic Britisher.

Vinnaithaandi Varuvaya

Star Cast: Silambarasan, Trisha, Nagachaitanya(Cameo) and Samantha (Cameo)
Direction: Gautham Vasudev Menon

Simbu-Trisha in Vinnai thaandi varuvaya
Simbu-Trisha in Vinnai thaandi varuvaya

The wizard of sophisticated romance is back , with Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaya!  Every frame spelled class and every scene oozes realistic love not often seen in cinema. Jessie and Karthik’s contemporary romance was captured in a way it never has been before.

Simbu came up with a commendable show, devoid of finger-snapping flippancy, bragging and bravado while Trisha looked so ravishing. The credit, of course, goes to Gautham Menon, who etched the roles with care.

A.R. Rahman proved the past master that he is, once again. Be it the innovative beats, the backing vocals that include Blaaze or the combination of instruments such as nagaswaram (‘Omana Pennae’), the music offered plenty of pleasant surprises. The ‘Thirukkural’ couplet in a fresh refrain was one such.

Story line – It was the eternal story of love between a young man and woman from different religions, identifying obstacles and working towards a common end.

“Others that did steal the hearts of masses were Arya-Santhanams  Boss Engira Baskaran,  Kalavani,Tamil padam, Paiyaa and Singam.”



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    mamandan ambu not a good film, towards the end it got worse, the best thing is location and cameraman in that film. but i think goa should of done well, even thou i dint watch it in cinema

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    Tis vry clear that d selector(s) is a person who shortlists oly Madurai type padams(which r gud no doubt) and the romantic feel gud ones jus fer their music….. Coz i simply cant find a reason why really good ones like aayirathil Oruvan(a masterpiece), Raavanan(amazin mov wid loads of hidden messgs), Eesan,MMA(ok its new) nd if movs like tamil padam make it den why cant Goa, Theeradha Vilayattu Pillai or Singam??

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