Thuppakki is not the usual cop story: Murugadoss

ThuppakkiEven as expectations are going up by several notches amid Vijay’s fans about the star’s upcoming film titled Thuppakki, they are also aware that in all probability, the film would be releasing with a different title as the title has been challenged in Court by the producer of another film titled Kalla Thuppakki.  Industry observers point out that Vijay’s film would invariably release with a new title other than Thuppakki.

A.R. Murugadoss, the director with a Midas’ Touch, is direting Vijay for the first time in his career for Thuppakki.  Picture-perfect Kajal Aggarwal has been paired opposite Vijay in this film which has him playing an ‘encounter specialist’ based in Mumbai.  Even as many rumours float in the industry about what would be the film’s script, ARM has come out openly about it.

“It’s not the usual cop story we have heard about and seen many times on screen.  It’s an action-packed adventure,” says ARM, hiding the stress in his heart about what could be the fate of the film’s title.  “Vijay plays a Tamilian settled in Mumbai who works with a mission.  Though it’s a police story, Vijay doesn’t play a cop in the film,” clarifies ARM.

When asked whether the film would be releasing on Deepavali as scheduled earlier, ARM says it would surely be released on the said date.  “We are planning to release the film’s audio in the first week of October,” he informs.

Sources  Confirm Teaser planned for Oct5th and Audio on Oct 7th.



  1. aadit

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