Thotta Tharani Erects Gigantic Ship For Ilaignan Movie

Thotta Tharani erects huge ship for Ilaignan

Thotta Tharani the most sought after art director today,  has been erecting a huge set of a ship for Pa. Vijay’s forthcoming flick Ilaignan.

The gigantic ship is almost 100 ft tall and 200 ft long, and Tharani is giving final touches to it in binny mills ground, Chennai.

“Yes, the whole movie is being filmed in and around the ship,” reveals the director of the movie Suresh Krishna, “The story takes place in the 1950s and so, we had no choice but to opt for a set.”

The director was in full of praise for the critically-acclaimed art director, who has taken a lot of pains to create the ship. “It’s no joke,” explains Suresh, about the ship, “The ship is very important for the film and I’m delighted that it’s looking very good.

The movie Ilaignan is the screen adaptation of  our CM kalaignars  Thaai Kaviyam novel,  Namitha plays the role of a baddie in the film. It also features Meera Jasmine, Khushboo, Ramya Nambeesan in key roles.


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