Thillalangadi lands in political trouble

Jayam Ravi-Tamannah starred Thillalangadi, which is scheduled to be released this Friday, might face ruling party’s political protests according to sources.

KV Thangabalu, President of the Tamil Nadu Congress Committee, today announced that the movie release will be banned possibly as he got information that there are some political scenes in the film which mimic Congress president Sonia Gandhi.

Thangabalu said in a statement today that the protests will be held against the screening of the movie, if such scenes criticizing Sonia Gandhi take place in the film.

However Jayam Raja, the director of the movie has confirmed there are no such scenes in the film and also assured that he is ready to remove any scenes that are deemed objectionable.



  1. ram

    serupaala adikanumda ungala maadiri arasiyalvadingala….sonia gandikum tamilukum ena relation , ila arasiyalukum padatukum ena relation…arasiyalkaara tevidiyaa pasangalaa….poruki naaingalaa….pichakaara baadungala, enda ipdi oru polapu ungaluku?!!!!

  2. sf

    ada paavingala.. padatha padama paarunga da.. its just a comedy.. then why delete scenes.. if the politicians are clean they wont insist deleting scenes… karai patta kaigal ….

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