Thiagarajan Kumararaja – the promising debutant director

Thiagarajan Kumararaja
Thiagarajan Kumararaja - the director of Aaranya Kaandam

Thiagarajan Kumararaja

A little background on him:

The former Loyola College student and an expreienced advertisement filmmaker, has directed several short films, including the short film Becky, which won him a first prize at the one-minute film competition 60 Seconds to Fame.

Oram Po was the movie that opened the cine-doors for him, as he was responsible for the dialogues in the movie with directors Pushkar and Gayathri.

Recently, his flick Aaranya Kaandam which introduces  actor Jackie Shroff to Tamil films, stars Ravi Krishna and Sampath in the lead roles with debutante Yasmin Ponnappa as heroine was in news since it won The Grand Jury Award for best Film at South Asian International Film Festival a career high for the lad,a dream debut for a director. This fact doesn’t seem to bother him from striving to achieve even better heights.

Were you expecting it? Were you surprised when the movie won?

The level of confidence says so much about the effort that he has  put in. This is what he had to say after the movie won.

“I knew we would win and it was expected. So, I didn’t feel surprised at all. Had we not won, it’d be a different story altogether.”

“Irrfan khan of the Slumdog millionaire fame had a request, and said ‘If you’re making a Hindi version of this film, I want you to cast me in the role that Sampath (which apparently is a lead role in the movie). That was one of the most heartening things I had heard in a long time.”

We heard about the script has it got any resemblance to Ramayana? Could you elaborate more on how it came about?

The young talent enthusiastically shares some details of his personal experience with us.

“The story takes place over the span of a day and traces back from the single-most decisive moment in the lives of the six protagonists.”

“About a decade ago, I had an idea for a movie with multiple storylines and AK (Aaranya Kaandam)became that film. Contrary to what is being assumed, the movie has nothing to do with the Ramayana except for its title which literally translates to Jungle Chapter. My film, is a gangster flick at its core,it is a dissection of human nature. More specifically, it deals with the primordial instincts of man, character traits that erase the boundaries separating man from beast.”

On his experience with his crew

The director is all praises for the great support from his team of professionals, and says they had a good hand in the shaping of the movie.

“The supporting cast includes Somasundaram and Vasanth — who work as a cohesive unit.

The production is handled by SPB Charan’s Capital Film Works.

Yuvan  Shankar Raja is expected to deliver with his music, PS Vinod is handling the cinematography, bringing with them a lot of hope and valuable contribution. Lets hope this young man has a great ride with his recent effort.

Best of luck Kumararaja !


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