Thevar Community turn against Vikrams Deiva Thirumagan

Vikram Deiva Thirumagan

Actor Vikram has opined that he felt that the tangle involving the theatrical release of his upcoming film ‘Deiva Thirumagan’ would fizzle out on its own. Vikram plays a person with ‘special needs’ in the film, a role which most heroes in Kollywood would shudder taking up.

Recently a few social movements including Thevar community outfits have gone up in arms against the title of the film, saying that it was an ‘exclusive’ meant to refer to their iconic leader ‘Pasumpon Muthuramalinga Thevar’ and have demanded that the film be renamed ‘at any cost’ prior to its theatrical release. The outfits claim that as the story revolves around a person with ‘special needs’, the title could be misleading as it refers to their leader.

Tamil Nadu Shiv Sena party too has opposed the title. Tamil Nadu Shiv Sena party leader M.Diraviya Pandiyan has made a request to CM Karunanidhi to ban this film from release.

Speaking to newsmen recently, Vikram expressed confidence that the problem would soon be sorted out amicably, as the producer was in talks with those who are opposing the title. “I feel there is nothing to feel offended enough to oppose the title. When they watch the film, they would realize that what I’m saying is the truth. I believe a solution could be in sight soon,” said Vikram.



  1. Raj

    The communities in India is a big BULL SHIT! what ever community it is – they need to mind their own business and let people do their work. These guys are just a BIG IDIOTS.

  2. KK

    Not many know that there was a leader by name Pasumpon Muthuramalinga Thevar until it was made out in this news. If these leaders are that great, then y not put their biography in school books like Ambedkar? if at all they want to change title, it can be changed as Deiva Thirumagane ‘additional E’ in end making it not look very different. Or it can be ‘Saami Thirumagan’ or Saami Pullai…  😉   🙂   😛

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