Theater owners against Sun Pictures

Theatre owners to boycott Sun Pictures films

Theater owners against Sun Pictures

Many theater-owners have stated that unless Sun Pictures (a part of the Sun Network empire) returns the advance money it took from them, they won’t be screening any film produced or distributed by Sun Pictures in future. It is said that Sun Pictures has so far taken a ‘caution (returnable) deposit’ amounting to Rs.2.60 crores from many cinema halls in the city and elsewhere and is yet to return the same to the respective theatres.

The theatre-owners have said that they have been claiming return of their advance amounts ever since the last regime in the State (headed by Kalaignar’s DMK) and that Sun Pictures never paid any heed to their request. “We have now taken a decision not to screen any film(s) produced or distributed by Sun Pictures unless it returns the money due to us.

“It’s been a long-pending issue and is in no way connected with the changed political scenario in the State. Earlier, we were allowed to hold 4 shows when films had duration of 2.5-3 hours; but, nowadays, films hardly touch 2.5 hours. Therefore, we request that we be allowed to hold 5 shows per day.

“We also request the Government to consider permitting us to hike the ticket fares. This would not only benefit but would also be benefiting the Government’s income as well as many distributors. We are planning to meet the Chief Minister personally and hand over a memorandum containing our demands,” the theatre-owners said.



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