Theatre Owners No Support to Vijay

Theatre Owners No Support to Vijay

Tamil Nadu Theatre Owners at the extraordinary general body meeting held on tuesday  have decided not to extend support to upcoming films starring Vijay, as the actor “failed to compensate the losses” incurred by them.

Ilaya thalapathi Vijay’s recent films ‘Azhagia Tamil Magan’, ‘Kuruvi’, ‘Villu’, ‘Vettaikaran’ and ‘Sura’, miserably failed at the box office. According to theatre owners, they suffered huge losses by screening these films as they paid a heavy price.

Earlier, they had demanded Vijay pay back 35 percent of the amount to compensate the money they lost and share their burden. This was brought to the actor’s notice and he had said that he would announce a compensation package soon but failed to do so.

Following this, the Theatre Owners have decided that they would not screen Vijay films.

Since we are yet to get a positive reply from him, we have decided not to extend cooperation to the forthcoming films of Vijay.” Theatre Owners said.

Meanwhile,stills from the actor’s forthcoming film ‘Velayudham’ were released to the media yesterday.

Click here to view Velayutham Movie Stills

Directed by ‘Jayam’ Raja, the film will be produced by Aascar Ravichandran.

Inspite of all these contoversies,Vijay still stands as the biggest crowd puller to theaters in chennai after Super Star Rajinikanth.



  1. Anonymous

    this is too much stop saying rubish Azhagia tamilmagan,Kuruvi and Vettaikaran grossed more than Villu and Sura
    you just want to earn extre money and telling rubish
    Vettaiakaran grossed more than its budget just in 3 days
    We are (Vijay supporters and fans) to support him
    and if you really feel cheated by Vijay's film the forthcoming Kavaal kadhal and velayudhum will copensate it for sure !
    Vijay you rock pls tro that shit money to these ….!

  2. priya sidharath

    "vaazhkkai oru vattam pol ingay thokkaravan jaippaan and jaikuravan thoppan ..thalapathi tholvigalai sandhichaachi inni veytri thaan
    aavarukku "

  3. Anonymous

    நல்ல விஷயம்…..
    கேட்ட்பதட்கு காது இனிமையாக இருக்கு பா …………………

  4. Anonymous

    i agree with this news but is not vijay false….actually is Writter false so better ask the writter to pay!!!!

  5. Anonymous

    Vijay last hit was POKKIRI which was almost 3 years back , after that every film was running successfully for only few weeks , but he was smart enough to cover up all his failures by giving falls add and other tricks. Finally now everything has come to light , at least hereafter he should realise he cant cheat people for long time .

    His father SA is dreaming to make Vijay like Rajini , sometimes better then MGR, definitely Tamilnadu people will good AAPPU( rivet) for both of these cunning idiots very soon

  6. Anonymous

    i wish his fren surya helps him select de movies…..both ajith n vijay shud take tips from surya…..all his movies r gud….and i am happy tat tamil nadu people have matured a lot….otherwise a movie like villu and sura wudnt ve failed…..their taste had improved!!! hats off to tamil nadu people!!! i wish vijay watches other movies and change himself…..superstar himself had stopped doin masala movies….its high time u change…. ur punch dialogues r funny….i jus hope u dont bcum like T rajendar….very funny

  7. Anonymous

    evrybody talks abot vijay and his movies…. has anyone talked abot vijay's fans??? his fans r actually great than vijay…. they still support him after watching sura,……. oh my god!!!!! they shud have de heart of mahatma gandhi …. they r really great n need special mention here….they have de heart of a mother who still believes in her kids no matter wat de world says…blind love……i love and admire vijay's fan more rhan vijay….hats off to vijay's fan.. u shud have a big heart to be his fan after watchin sura….u people r great..

  8. Anonymous

    santhosam eppa vijay etha etha than ethirparthom raja , unga padam peru ellam ethu madhiri iruku villu , vetaikaran ,kuruvi , sura , adutha film kadala ( Sea)

  9. Anonymous

    Good Decision By Theater owners… But this is common for all actors by selecting good films… Bcoz we people are investors, really expecting good entertainment movie..

  10. Anonymous

    நல்ல விஷயம்…..
    கேட்ட்பதட்கு காது இனிமையாக இருக்கு பா …………………

  11. vinodh

    Dear All,

    After such big earth quick of sura release there are lots of people were did in south Africa.Pls we her-bely requesting all of them to do not take any risk again.



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