Abirami Ramanathan

Theatre-owners call off strike from today after talks with Govt.

Abirami Ramanathan
Abirami Ramanathan

Theatres across the State including cinema halls and multiplexes would open to movie goers and audiences from today (23rd March) after theatre-owners held successful talks with Govt. officials yesterday.

Theatres have shut down (except in Chennai) across the State from last Friday, creating an unprecedented scenario in the State where people have movie-watching as their ‘No.1’ hobby. Theatre-owners had demanded exemption from entertainment tax in the face of the throat-cutting GST which is added to the fares, making it expensive and which keeps audiences away from flocking to cinema halls.

Ministers Kadambur Raju and K.C. Veeramani headed the talks on the Govt. side which lasted for 90 minutes at the end of which the duo of Ministers successfully managed to persuade theatre-owners’ association to call off their strike.

Speaking to newsmen later, Abirami Ramanathan, president of the association, said that the strike was being called off with immediate effect i.e. from today.


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