Theatre Owners appeal CM Jayalalitha to restructure ticket costs

Abirami Ramanathan

The General Body meeting of the Tamil Nadu Theatre Owners’ Association has appealed to the State Government to ‘restructure’ the costs of tickets from the existing ones. The meeting was held inside the Abirami Theatre premises which was attended by almost all the members. ‘Abiramai’ Ramanathan presided over the two-and-a-hour long meeting.

The meeting started with passing a resolution appreciating ‘Amma’ (Jayalalitha) for taking over the reins of the State for the third time. It also thanked Amma’s initiatives in exempting films with titles in pure Tamil words, albeit with certain conditions attached it. It was decided that the office-bearers would meet the chief minister soon with a set of demands.

The demands include ‘restructuring of cost of tickets’ at multiplexes and non-air-conditioned theatres. These theatres would ensure that the fee is not hiked beyond the prescribed limit. It was also decided to demand the government to give the right to theatres to organize as many shows as possible on all days, relaxing the 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 mindnight restrictions.

It remains to be seen what would be Amma’s response to the demands!



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