Theater owners subtly challenge Anjaan distributor?


Dhananjayan, popular producers who aggressively promoted and distributed Anjaan when he worked in UTV was subtly challenged by Nikilesh Surya of Rohini Theaters and Rakesh of Vetri Theaters . Dhananjayan participated in the debate show of Sun News and posted the link on Twitter, he wrote “Yesterday debate in @sunnewstamil…if the Theater owners agree to their word given in this debate of taking care of 70% of the current VPF charges (balance by Producers), the #TamilCinemaStrike will be over is my confidence. Hope they announce this”.

Replying to Dhananjayan, Rakesh tweeted “The decision on the VPF has to be made by the TNFEA (Exhibitors Association) , not by an individual. #TamilCinemaStrike” and Dhananjayan replied “Sir he spoke as the secretary of your association & not as an individual”.

Nikilesh also joined the party, he tweeted “Am I to understand that Dhananjayan sir endorses the views of the council and will not release #MrChandramouli in more than 100 screens?” to which Dhananjayan’s answer was affirmative.

“We will release as advised by #TFPC in the approved number of screens only sir. We will follow the plan for the overall good of the industry”, said Dhananjayan.


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