The Karate Kid 2010’ in Tamil

the karate kid 2010 in tamil

Here we have yet another Hollywood dubbed  film which is getting ready to face competition from the Tamil love story films. Hollywood films which were dubbed in Tamil, have tasted success in the past. To add on to that list we have ‘The Karate Kid’.

The lead roles in The Karate Kid is played by the American Actor Will smith’s 12 year old son, Jaden Smith and martial Expert Jackie Chan.

Jackie Chan plays the role of a Karate master in the film, which adds strength to the combination. ‘The Karate Kid’ is the modern version of the same film which tasted success in 1984. Some changes have been made to the story, to catch the present audience.

Harald Stewart is the director for the film. He is well known for taking films depending on the taste of the audiences. His last movie The Pink Panther 2 starring Aishwarya Rai as one of the Lead. The Karate Kid is shot in America and China. Scenes have been shot in The Great Wall of China, though it is very difficult to get permission, the team has managed to do. The shooting has been done in various restricted areas in China, with special permission.

Will ‘The Karate Kid’ stand up to the expectation of Tamil audience. Will it be a real challenger to the Tamil comedy, love and action films? The film is set to get released on June11,2010.


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