Thangar Bachchan underwent humiliation while making Azhagi

Thangar Bachchan at viththagan audio launch

The audio-launch of actor-director Parthiban’s upcoming film Vithagan was a star-studded affair with a bevy of heroines and a long list of directors taking part. The highlight of the evening was an emotional speech by Thangar Bachchan, noted cinematographer-turned-director.

Speaking on the occasion, Thangar said “When I made Azhagi almost a decade back, the industry humiliated me to the maximum possible extent. Some of my ‘well-wishers’ advised me to quit Chennai to settle down at my native place. It was the humiliation which made me more determined than ever.

“I made Azhagi at a cost of Rs.1.70 crores; though the film was screened more than 100 times and even after the producer offered to sell the film’s distribution rights at half the prevailing rates, nobody came forward to take up the release and distribution of the film. I don’t want to name them now and repay the insult I received at that time. A very popular producer-director, who watched the film, didn’t utter a single word about the film and simply went off after the film was over!

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“Another person, a popular producer now, called my producer and told him to ‘forget’ the film as he might need Rs.50 lakhs to release the film in theatres; even then, it would only end up as a losing preposition, he predicted. Such persons are in the industry; belying the prediction of all those ‘wise men’, Azhagi courted huge success at the box-office, about which you are aware.

“Only those who have experienced failure in their lives know how to achieve and sustain the success for a long time. I wish Parthiban all the success he might need for his Viththagan to succeed,” concluded Bachchan.


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  1. david billa

    THANGAR bachan u talk as though as u r a  saint?u criticise others at the expenz of their charisma.U forgotten that?dei mvane nee enna amitabh bachanada?U silly bast, just shut ur mouth>Panadhe payale.pun n]mavane.poi nandhita das vechu fire part 2 pannu.mayirandi.

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