kunguma poovum konjum puravum Thananya opposite Atharva

Thananya to pair up opposite Atharva in Bala’s Eriyum Thanal

kunguma poovum konjum puravum Thananya opposite Atharva

A debate has started as to who would be Atharva’s heroine in his next film which would be directed by Bala. Known to take his own time in selecting his lead actors and then wrapping up the film itself, Bala doesn’t go by the star-value of the heroines but decides patiently as to who would fit the role of the character he has in mind.

Except for the now-married Laila, who starred in films like Nandha and Pithamagan, Bala rarely repeats the act of casting the same heroine again. In keeping with his trend of going for a new heroine in every film of his, Bala had already launched the hunt for a heroine opposite Atharva.

The director, who won the national award for ‘best director’ for his Naan Kadavul, reportedly called actress Vedika a few days back and conducted make-up tests for her to find whether she fit the role of the heroine opposite Atharva. Even before the results of the ‘make-up’ tests are out, another heroine has also been called to undergo make-up tests.

The dusky Thananya, who did a solitary film in Kunguma Poovum Konjupuraavum in 2009 and disappeared from the scene to pursue his studies in medicine, is the one who has been invited by Bala. Thananya, who earlier missed out on the offer to star in Bala’s Avan Ivan, gleefully agreed this time around to undergo the ‘tests’.

Wait for a few days to know who has been selected from among Vedika and Thananya!


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