Thala cleaned all the plates himself !!!


His charming ways as a cop has helped him reach the pinnacle of his career. Yet Thala Ajith still remains his humble self, who loves to keep things simple. Gearing up for his next gangsta offering Billa 2, Ajith shocked co-stars and crew members taking up kitchen duties himself.

Fans very well know of Thala’s tasty biryanis he cooks during the shoots. Serving them to the lucky ones on location, he comes across as caring and loving star to work with. Recently the actor also tried his hands cooking some tender fish curry, as set members put an end to their appetite, relishing every bit of it. Leaving the plates to be washed by the maid, they were in for a googly finding the dishes all clean early next day. “All of us were awestruck by his golden heart and simplicity. Only the next morning did we come to know that he had washed all the utensils himself,” said R D Rajasekar, the cinematographer of ‘Billa 2’. Rajeshekhar a good friend of Ajith says that the actor has never put on starry airs, both on and off the sets. He treats everyone equally and the first thing he does is to greet every member at the sets, even till this day.  Thala thala dan da.


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