‘Thala’ Ajith is now a qualified Pilot

Ajith Commercial Pilot

The whole world is aware of the passion actor ‘Thala’ Ajith has for driving cars at a terrific pace and his penchant for participating in various car races in India and abroad. Ajith was so besotted with his car-racing habit that he plunged into it full-time even when his film career wasn’t going great guns a few years back. Flying aircrafts appear to have become the actor’s latest passion, it is reported.

Ajith is said to have completed the compulsory training required to become a qualified ‘commercial pilot’. He has also procured the relevant licence in this regard, it is learnt. Sources close to the actor say that in order to put to use his flying capabilities, he is said to be toying with the idea of procuring a helicopter for his personal use.

In order to secure a new chopper for his own ues, ‘Thala’ is said to have asked for and received quotatios for the purchase of the chopper from a Company by name Global Vectra, a leader in the production of helicopters. The kind of chopper Ajith has asked for can comfortably seat upto 5 persons, it is reported.

Unconfirmed sources say that the chopper is likely to be used by Ajith in his upcoming film ‘Billa-2’, a sequel to his successful ‘Billa’. As Ajith is in the process of winding up the shooting of his landmark 50th film ‘Mankatha’, the talk about what could be his next film has gathered some heat.

It is strongly rumoured that ‘Jayam’ Raja, who is presently making ‘Velayudham’ with Vijay in the lead, is likely to direct Ajith in his next film. It is also said that the script narrated by Raja to Ajith has highly impressed the latter!



  1. jo

    I  always like Ajith …….He proves that he is a real hero in life also………… he has a brave heart and hardworking toooooooooo…….. 🙂 😀

  2. Vasin

    That is true; Malayalee rascal ajith works hard; deserves respect. Inga inniku Bank Holiday! Oru cross country pannitu ippo than varen. Already I have seen people with beer cans; aana India’la inniku holiday’na Ajith yethachum learn pannitrupan; yes man; he works hard!

  3. vbvb

    he is already proved actor so he is concentrating on other things..what’s you problem lady….you can’t do nothing like him…then don’t comment simply as you wish..

  4. Vasin

    Ajith helicopetr’la paranthu poye Sri Lanka mela oru pereeeeya bomb onnu potu apdiye South Sri Lanka’va erichutana he is a real hero Thamilar! Seyvaana? 

  5. killadi

    first he should bomb ur mums red light house. then destroy all indians lyk u that show no respect to other countries.

  6. marienancy26

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  7. Pasin

    WHy is Ajith looking like a sappi potta mangkottai????Does he have kottai? I heard that after one of his races, he got severely injured that the doctors had to remove his kottais. THen how come Shalini became pregnant???hmm….something secret going on…we need to find it.

  8. Public

    Try to behave like human being…!!! I know u dont have any sence dont comment on some one…!!! U did not prove anything to the work..!!! trr to behave how to convey ur message..!!!

  9. Anand

    Dai senthil virunthaliku poranthavanae dai naaya pandara payaloda aala da neeyu unga appan kitta poi kelu unaku k…..a iruka nu

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