Terrible hit Kanchana climbs to second spot behind Rowthiram

Terrible hit Kanchana climbs to second spot behind Rowthiram

The Independence weekend had movie theatres across Chennai trying to book in full house crowds on the holiday weekend. Well cine-lovers didn’t have a problem with that as many of them had already booked in advance for Jeeva’s Rowthiram promising to inject you with the spirit of patriotism, while others opted for Chiyaan Vikrams Deivathirumagal but then there were others who were more than happy to celebrate Independence with witches, ghosts and eunuchs. Yes! we’re talking about Raghava Lawrence – Kanchana, a movie with an unusual theme of well crafted goofs and spookiness which has successfully managed to captured the attention of many. Take a look at the box office results below.

The Chennai Box-Office Collections for the Independence Day weekend (August 12th to 14th) read as follows:
1.Rowthiram – 70 lacs
2.Kanchana – 39 lacs
3.Deivathirumagal – 24 lacs

Surprisingly, the horror comedy Kanchana has managed to scare away Chiyaan Vikram’s Deivathirumagal (DT) to a third spot, with DT earning only 24 lacs.  In fact Kanchana has already been declared a box office hit with leading newspapers carrying the good news reading Kanchana – “Terrible Hit”!!( heheh….read on) With Jeevas patriotic Rowthiram topping the charts with a staggering 70 lacs, it is followed by Raghava Lawrence- Lakshmi Rai starrer flick at 39 lacs and not even close to the 2nd spot lies Chiyaan Vikrams much celebrated Deivathirumagal, back in the race by almost 15 lacs. We can only hope DT catches up in the long run. Meanwhile Raghava is already making plans for a third installment of his double-hit venture.

And  Raghava we guess you meant “Terrific” instead of “Terrible” but never mind, we give you the benefit of doubt.



  1. guy

    Kanchana, a movie with an unusual theme “?

    It’s just a typical ghost story with revenge as a theme.. Showing the spirit as a transgender does not make it any different.. And what’s worst – Kovai Sarala’s loud antics!! I had headache watching the scenes btwn her and her daughter-in-law!! Lakshmi Rai was a total waste.. Just for skin show..

  2. Smile

    Movie was good but Kovai sarla’s screeching voice is a turn off and i don’t know why they brought in Lakshmi Rai…they could have done without a heroine.

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