Telugu Actor Raja attempts suicide, Inkosari not getting released

Telugu Actor Raja, well known for his performance in the film Anand, made a suicide bid yesterday. He reportedly consumed several sleeping pills, but was saved, after he was rushed to the hospital. Understandably depressed that his latest film has not seen wide theatrical release in the state, he made the bid.

It is learnt that he is outraged at the clout and business-wise hold of a few big daddies in the industry, on the theatres in the state, which he feels is the reason why theatre owners were not open to rent out their spaces for screening his minor film Inkosari.
Raja feels sad that the monopoly of a handful of producers is not good for the health of the industry. In a statement made to a popular daily, he openly alleged three biggies (producers). He even said Inkosari had been postponed owing to the unwillingness of the theatre owners to screen it, as most of them are, Raja says, owned by a few producers.
Following his allegation, D Suresh Babu scoffed at the remarks of the actor, saying that what he was talking was not correct. It is to be seen where the controversy leads.

Raja’s Anand movie earned 7 nandhi awards in 2004 . In 2008, he appeared in the film Nee Sukhame Ne Koruthunna, alongside actress Sneha.


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